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To begin with Yajamana Review i must start with saying, the film is a good entertainer. The film surely gives Star Worship status, but also has a good story to tell.

Yajamana is about an oil magnet having his eyes on the town Hulidurga for his activities. But little did he knew that Krishna is the most loved man there. And Krishna can go to any limits to protect his town and keep it clean from all the evil eyes.

To be straight to the point, Yajamana is a star vehicle and we all are aware about this fact. The auditorium was filled with all the love and grand welcome to the Star. The hooting, screaming, continued till the the final reels.

Performance wise, Darshan steals the show and he steals it hard! His charisma and mannerism rocks. His powerful dialogue delivery makes your heart go thumping. Rashmika Mandanna looks very good and has performed her role brilliantly. Thakur Anoop Singh is just a Killer as the main villain. Other actors does full justice to their acts.

Directors V Harikumar and Pon Kumaran knows the aura of Darshan and they have come up with the right commercial pot boiler which surely keeps you engage.

The music, production values, camera work are right set on their places.

Surely, Yajamana is recommended for all the Darshan Fans out there who were waiting for their stars. The response from all over is tremendous and will be in craze for coming weeks. As far as a perfect commercial film goes, Yajamana has everything!