While i write Yaarige Yaaruntu movie review, i was still feeling sleepy, as the film gave me that sleeping effect. I still ask the same questions, who makes such films? And who bank rolls such films?

A ward boy who is loved by every one is in love. And to top it all, there are three girls with three tracks confusing your brains to the core.

The film also carries senseless comedy with senseless music along with mediocre camera work and a very low budget production values.

Performance wise, Oraata Prashanth (Uncle) should quit acting and he must concentrate in other jobs. Surely, acting is not Prashanth’s criteria. Lekha Chandra, Kruttika Ravindra and Adithi Rao are a stand out. They performed very good and looked lovely in their respected parts.

Films such as Yaarige Yaaruntu have very limited scope as far as Box Office results are concerned. They release with limited number of screens and runs for a limited number of shows.

Sadly, many people are also not aware of such films, even when they hit Cinema halls.

If Yaarige Yaaruntu becomes a success at the Box Office, it will be proved that the almighty exists and our audience can digest anything and everything.