Before starting up Viraaj Review i must clarify, you might have seen loads and loads of family oriented films. But Viraaj tries and stands out in it’s own way.

Viraaj is a story about Viraaj who is very good at heart. He meets Nandini, who is an NRI, and also very good nature girl. Destiny brings them close and they decides to spend their rest of their lives together.

They are about to get engage and a drastic incident takes place and things start to get ruin for the couple.

Performance wise, Vidyabharan lives his role to the core. His expressions and persona justifies the act in appropriate manner. Same goes with Shirin and other actors. Devaraj is very good and a treat to watch.

Technically, director Nagesh has chosen a good script with correct blends of family value content added to it.

The camera work, production values and music is good. There are however, few dragging moments in the film which makes the pace on a slower side.

Viraaj is not at all a bad film. You can surely make your plans along with your family to watch Viraaj.