Taarakaasura is not at all a bad film. But it surely takes it’s own sweet time to grow on you. The film talks about Budbudke community on large basis.

How Chandrashekar Bandiyappa’s last film spoke about Transgendered community? Similarly, this one too follows the criteria of explanations in a Documentary manner.

Carbon (Vybhav) is a techie youth who is in love with M (Manvitha Harish). But there comes a moment where Carbon decides to go back to his roots to protect his community from evil.

This is where the film’s right plot starts and the second hour of the film dwells into a long explanations.

The performances by the actors are good. Especially Manvitha Harish who shines in her part. Vybhav is good in emotional and action scenes along with the other cast. The actor who takes the cake walk is none other, but Danny Sapani.

The Camera Work is very good along with little boring Music. The Production Values are just about Ok!

If you are looking for some high octane action drama, Taarakaasura could be your cup of tea. But to repeat myself, Taarakaasura is certainly not a bad film, but it has a huge run time which irritates you.