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To begin with Swartharatna Movie Review i must inform you all, this film is directed by the co-director of First Rank Raju. I would also request you to not to draw any kind of comparisons while you watch this one.

In a nutshell, if i explain about Swartharatna movie, i can only say this one is about a self-centered man.

A man who thinks of nothing but himself. He falls in love with a girl and that girl goes missing.

Performance wise, the film totally belongs to Adarsh, who gives a fine performance for his debut. The other actors including Sadhu Kokila does full justie to their respective parts.

Technically too, the camera work is very good along with production value and music. However, the film is bit too long in it’s narrative.

The Editor and the Director Ashwin Kodange could have sat through the machine and considered it’s length.

But that doesn’t mean, Swartharatna is bore view. Ashwin Kodange comes up with a film which is funny and slapstick at the same time.

Do try out Swartharatna if you are in a mood of good laughter dose.