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To elaborate Striker Kannada Movie Review, i must admit, you have to be a Psychological Thriller fan! Films such as Striker has always appreciated in past by Kannada viewers. Lucia is one such example.

Striker also takes the same pace with the protagonist suffering from an incurable disease. And how he faces it’s repercussions.

Siddhu cannot differentiate between his dreams and reality, and that is what making him weak day by day.

Despite this condition, he finds a girl who is ready to accept him as her life partner. But the girl has to go to Rajasthan and Siddhu gets entangled into a Murder.

Performance wise, Praveen Tej lives his role to the core. Shilpa Manjunath also does full justice to her character. Other actors are good but most of them performs mediocre.

Pawan Trivikram is in full form as the writer and director for this Thriller. Some small mistakes here and there, but Pawan handles the over-all film brilliantly.

The Editing part plays a good role here. The Editor knows his job and does full control over the cuts. The Production Values are okay and the camera work is good.

All Striker required was a good promotional strategy. Definitely go for Striker this week as it won’t disappoint you if you are a thriller fan!