First of all, let me clarify you the film Raambo 2 is no where related or concerned with the first part of Rambo. This one is more on the entertainment side. Also, let me try to bring to your notice about actor Sharan not tried this kind of entertainment earlier (As far as i have seen his films). This might be called as a fresh attempt from Sharan.

But surely in the typical Sharan style and signatures.

The story is about Krishna (Sharan) who is not excited about his regular life so he decides to make his life a little happening by setting out for a one-day trip.. Oops! Adventure kind of a Trip along with a street smart girl Mayuri (Ashika ranganath)! In this process, he encounter a series of interesting episodes which of course lands him in trouble (For sure) and encountering (Forcing) him in meeting new people. I wouldn’t mind giving you more of Raambo 2 but ultimately that would spoil your excitement of watching the film.
Performances wise, Sharan is a killer actor with his amazing comical timings which cannot be matched by any other actor! Yes, this is a typical Sharan film in Sharan’s style all the way (I am shamelessly repeating this line again). Sharan has vowed to entertain you for the complete film (Till you leave the Auditorium). Ashika Ranganath has lived her role throughout! Other lovely actors like Chikanna, Tabla Nani, P Ravishankar are lovely in their part. There are also cameos from actors like Shubha Poonja, Sruthi Hariharan and Aindrita Ray to name a few. Ganesh lending his voice for Lord Ganesha.. Whoever came up with this idea, it was literally hilarious!
Technically, the film is perfect. Be it cinematography, editing or production values, Raambo 2 does not fall flat. Writer-Director Anil Kumar very well knew what he was making and he handled Raambo 2 very carefully. I highly recommend this film and trust me if you are looking for a proper entertainment this whole week? You cannot afford to miss Raambo 2.