Orange Poster

Orange Review can be easily started by stating; it’s a film which surely sets a smile on your face. The credit surely goes to Golden Star Ganesh, Priya Anand and Prashant Raj.

Orange is a romantic journey which has sentiments, values and emotions attached to it.

The film tells a very simple and sweet story of Santhosh (Ganesh) who is released from the Jail and is on a Train Journey. He meets Radha (Priya Anand) who is running away from his father who wants her to get married.

But Radha is in love with Prashanth. Destiny lands Santhosh at Priya’s house and he is mistakenly identified as Prashanth.

The film has some wonderful performances by all the actors. Ganesh is ground breaking as Santhosh. Priya Anand is tremendous along with other talented gems such as Sadhu Kokila, P Ravishankar and Avinash.

Technically, Prashanth Raj is successful as a Film maker in all the crafts from which he executes his capabilities. Music of the film is very good.

The Editing of the film is good, but drags at few parts. The camera work and production values excels.

Orange is a complete package of entertainment which you can surely see along with your family. Go watch this film for terrific performances by Ganesh, Priya Anand and others. Orange will surely not disappoint you.