Ond Kathe Hella Image Courtesy: Facebook

Ond Kathe Hella review is an exciting one for me to write. Why? Because we had reviewed the film’s trailer earlier. The director Girish G was so upset with our trailer review, that he had a frustrated argument with me on my messenger.

May god rest his soul in peace now, as the film received very pathetic response all over.

Ond Kathe Hella is nothing extra-ordinary, but a stupidly told tale of Five friends who plans for a road trip. Road Trip? Seriously? You mean, another Horror film with a Road Trip?

Why can’t makers think anything beyond Road Trips, Eerie Guest Houses etc. for a premise of a Horror Film?

While on their trip, they narrate one Horror Story to each other and lands up at a eerie guest house. Do you all really want me to write further on this?

Ond Kathe Hella also looks heavily inspired from Hindi film Darna Mana Hai and other international Horror anthologies.

The performance in the film are again nothing but a bunch of actors who are literally trying hard to Act.

The score and the camera work is nothing to rave or write about. The production values are of lowest budget possible.

It was reported, Ond Kathe Hella was a crowd funded film. In other words, begging for money? After seeing this crappy film which is not even a bit scary, i understood why this film was crowd funded (If). Because no sane Producer will invest his hard earned money in this Trash.

The small ‘Fake’ ego filled director Girish G also advised me to make a film before reviewing a film (All the chats saved). Well, my job is to review a film, not to make one.

Girish G (Director Of Ond Kathe Hella) (Image Courtesy: Facebook)

And even if i decide to make one, it will surely not be a crap like Ond Kathe Hella.

My last and final words, if you want to ‘Hate’ Horror film genre, Watch Ond Kathe Hella.