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When you are reading Nathicharami Review i am sure you will have some assumption about this film. You might surely think, this one to be a cry tale. Hell no! Nathicharami hits you with some hard hitting questions which need answers.

Nathicharami talks about loving couple Gowri and Mahesh. As the fate would have it, Mahesh gets killed in an accident.

Gowri is now not getting married again, for her immense love towards her husband. She decides to live rest of her life alone.

The destiny introduces her to Suresh who doesn’t look at her in a cheap or disturbing ways. Suresh doesn’t look at Gowri as an Sexual Object.

Suresh is married and he is a different man altogether with his wife.

The performances in the film are simply terrific. Every character is designed to stay with you. Sanchari Vijay totally nails it in his act as Suresh. I am very much sure, you will not be able to forget Sanchari Vijay’s hang-over for a long time. Sharanya is simple fabulous in her act.

Director Mansore raises questions that needs answers from Society! Full mark to the director for creating such a wonderful cinema. It needs loads of guts to show what Mansore showed in Nathicharami.

The cinematography, music and production values are good considering the requirements of the theme. However, there are some very minor dragging moments in the film, but Mansore’s direction gives the glimpses of a Mani Ratnam and Mysskin cinema where every scene is created to portray some reality.

If you are looking out for a film that needs to be seen and talk about, Nathicharami is surely that film according to me. Very highly recommended.

Screening Courtesy: Jio MAMI 20th Mumbai Film Festival (30th October 2018).