We at Kannada Cinema are trying hard to churn out different and unique stories but at what cost? To make films like Abhisaarike? Really? And you seriously want audience to walk inside the Cinema Halls and appreciate such films?

Instead of asking questions, i will straight away come to the point! Reviewing films such as Abhisaarike is a tough job and you have to agree with me on this.

What story does Abhisaarike tells? Abhi and Sarika (Abhisaarike, obviously the film’s title) are lovers who hope they will have their Life happily ever after. Sarika (Side-by-Side) also has a lunatic stalker in the form of Sunil. How does Sunil affect their lives and what happened with the couple, is what Abhisaarike is all about.

If i talk about performances, trust me, only and only Sonal Monteiro takes away the cake. Rest all the other actors over acted to the core. Why they were over-acting? Only they can tell.

Technically too Madhusudana A S cannot save the film as the film looks very dull as far asĀ  Cinematography, Production Values and Music are concerned.

There is a certain twist in the tale. But that twist alone is not enough at all to save this film.

Recommendation? Really? Alright! If you have an enemy, buy Abhisaarike’s tickets and gift it to him. Make sure he watches the whole film till the end.

PS: Do you see the guy screaming in the Poster above? Your enemy will scream exactly the same way after the film is over! I assure you.

My one honest question; You make films such as Abhisaarike and still want us (Journalists) to support you? Please answer me how are you supporting or contributing towards namma Kannada Cinema?