This Anish starrer film Vasu Naan Pakka Commercial was a little long in making and releasing. The film was last moment also backed by namma Challenging star Darshan. However, the film turns out to be a good entertainer.

As the word ‘Commercial’ enters the title, you are allowed to assume the film to be a commercial film. And yes, the film is a commercial love story with lots of entertainment value.

Vasu (Anish Tejeshwar) is a happy go lucky guy who has everything. From great friends to a lovely family. As destiny wants it, Mahalakshmi (Nishvika Naidu) enters his life and charms him.

And the day arrives when Vasu goes to the Police Station to file a complaint that he is about to kill his girlfriend. Why? You need to see the film to figure it out.

Performance wise, the film totally belongs to Anish and Nishvika and they both performed their part brilliantly. The other actors too have done justice to all their parts respectively.

Director Ajith Vasan Uggina has made a pure commercial film and he knew it from the start itself. The camera work, music, production value are all good. However, the film does drag in few parts especially in the first half in the romantic scenes. But the second half is very good.

On the whole, Vasu Naan Pakka Commercial will not disappoint you as the film is full of commercial entertainment. The film will surely relate with the common cine-goer of namma Kannada Cinema.