Film maker Jayathirtha after impressive Beautiful Manasugalu comes back with a Thriller called Vanilla. And after watching the film, you will surely say Vanilla is a tight gripping thriller with high octane drama attached to it.

Avinash (Played by Avinash J) meets Anugha (Played by Swathi Konde) after almost a gap of 10 to 12 years. It was their childhood friendship. The happiness begins and Avinash promises Anugha to meet again. BBut that same day Avinash finds Anugha on a bridge staring at a dead man’s body and into a deep confusion. A confusion about if Anugha has killed him or no!

More confusion builds up and more characters getting murdered or missing later forms a thrilling climax. What is Vanilla and why so many people are mentioning Vanilla? You have to seriously watch it for answers.

As a Film maker, Jayathirtha has build the momentum of the screenplay successfully. The dialogues are powerful along with the cinematography and background score. We also have some terrific performances from all the Actors who played their part very well.

While making such films, the Film maker must be smart enough to play with the viewers mind and director Jayathirtha has brilliantly showed his talent here.

Yes! The film is made on a limited budget. But who really cares if you are telling a right story on the right note.

Vanilla, as a Film and as a Story stands out and is absolutely recommended from our side. If you are looking for a film which thrills you and makes you solves Puzzles, Vanilla should be a treat for you.

I will request you to go and watch Vanilla because Film makers like Jayathirtha and films like Vanilla are there to take namma Sandalwood to an extremely new level.

My final words: It is difficult to review a Suspense film because you are scared that you don’t end up giving lots of hints! But it is more difficult and tough to review a well made Suspense film like Vanilla because you loved it so much that you want to keep talking about it and you cannot!