First of all, i need to request you that before watching Theory, you need to keep your mind calm and relax to understand the narrative on screen. Films such as Theory leaves you with certain questions that is answered by your own mind.

There are few talented Film makers such as Pavan Shankar who tries the dark concept full of mysteries layering out one by one.

Theory talks about the murder of an IT employee Vijay Singh. An intelligent cop Santhosh is appointed to solve the case, but Santhosh is a corrupt officer. This comes to the notice of the police commissioner who immediately appoints an undercover cop Madan for the same case.

The murder investigation progresses from two officers and their two different perspectives. The twist comes when Santhosh shoots himself and Madan gets killed.

Theory again diverts where the Police Commissioner appoints aspiring Film maker Ganesha to solve the case. Ganesha had once hacked the Police website.

Theory Movie Poster

Director Pavan Shankar excels in extracting right performances from all the actors playing their respective characters. Pavan also knows the right blend of Theory as a Script.

The camera work, music plays a wonderful part in taking the screenplay into the right direction. There are few draggy scenes that could have been avoided, but those scenes can be excused.

Theory, as i marked out earlier, is tight mind play thriller that requires your full attention to it.

I recommend Theory to all the Murder Mystery cum Thriller fans out there who loves a cat and mouse thrill rides. Do give this film a chance before it goes away.