We all very well know there are loads of Mother-Son sentiment films there are in our minds when it comes to a ‘Mother-Son’ sentiment. Thayige Thakka Maga is one more sweet film that adds to the list.

The filmĀ  is about Mohan Das and his mother Parvathi. Their bonding and their way of living their life.

Parvathi has heavy dose of principles and righteousness pinned inside the head of her son Mohan. They will take a stand and fight for every unjust they see in the society. Things take a drastic turn when this ‘Mother-Son’ duo stands up against the evil son of a Politician.

Performance wise, Sumalatha Ambareesh and Ajay Rao excels in their part with full conviction. Both of them makes you believe their roles and you convincingly fall in love with their act. Ashika Ranganath is just lovely and awesome in her scenes. Other actors which includes Sourav Lokesh does fantastic in their roles.

Director Shashank who along with Ajay Rao has given two hits earlier, brings Thayige Thakka Maga this time and he does full justice to the film. The music, camera work and production values are good. The film, however, goes little loud in few scenes and little dragging as well.

But overall, it is surely a good film for the entire family. Give Thayige Thakka Maga a chance and it will not disappoint you.