And today releases the much awaited family emotional drama Amma I Love You that stars Chiranjeevi Sarja in the role which can be easily termed as one of his best performances in the recent times.

Amma I Love you is a remake of Tamil blockbuster emotional film Pichaikaran. The film once again marks the collaboration of K M Chaitanya, producer Yogish Dwarkish and Chiranjeevi Sarja.

Multi millionaire Sidharth (Chiranjeevi Sarja) has a tragedy strikes in his life where his mother (Sitara) goes into coma. Sidharth takes an unusual vow to lead his life’s 48 days as an anonymous Beggar. During this process of vow, Sidharth sees the Life more closely with learning values. He also has an encounter with love and friendship during this phase of his life.

Amma I Love You has all the ingredients of a commercial pot-boiler which a family emotional entertainer must have.

The film has some terrific performances from all the actors in the film, especially Chiranjeevi Sarja. Chiru’s performance in the film is extremely matured and settled. Sitara as the mother is also terrific and Prakash Belavadi as the scheming money minded uncle is terrific too. Ravi Kale plays the Gangster and he is good with his role. New actress Nishvika Naidu has also performed her part with excellence.

When you sit to watch a Family Emotional film like Amma I Love You, performance plays a very important role. Full marks to director K M Chaitanya for extracting these performances from the actors and making a wonderful film.

There are some technical flaws in the film, but those could be easily avoided as the film sticks to it’s story and and doesn’t drive you away from it.

Amma I Love You also has wonderful chance to score good at the Box Office because of the film’s strength to pull the family audience to the Cinema Halls.

This week, make sure to take a vow to watch this beautiful film Amma I Love You.