America Suresh brings a decent love story called Shivu Paru this week to watch where he plays the role of Shivu and Disha Poovaiah as Paru. Shivu Paru is directed by America Suresh himself.

The story of Shivu Paru is very simple resembling the understanding between Lord Shiva and Parvati. Shivu is a Television host who is making a reality show and he travels to a village to shoot it. There he meets Paru and they fall in love and gets Married. Enter a hit-man cum sharp-shooter from Mumbai named kittappa who kills Shivu and Shivu becomes a Ghost!

In previous birth, Paru too was killed when she was getting married to Shivu despite family oppositions. The second half of the film narrates about the couple’s previous life.

Instead of giving much away from the story, i would like to concentrate on the makers and their honest efforts of making this film.

Performance wise, all the actors including America Suresh has enacted their parts very well. The film has every commercial aspects attached to it. Technically, the film is not much to praise high about. But still the team has tried their best.

The story has it’s own share of twists and turns which is definitely not a boring watch!

To conclude everything, Shivu Paru is not at all a bad watch and it is a cute film that you can enjoy!