Rishab Shetty directs Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu which can be easily touted a full fledged Children’s Film which is sweet as well as Thought-Provoking.

The film follows a very simple tale where a bunch of Children living carefree life and then the government school of Kasaragodu is decided to shut down by some officials. The children takes over the task of re-opening the school with the help of Anant Nag.

Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu also talks about people from Karnataka struggling hard to keep their language and roots alive.

The performances from every actor is wonderful which includes all the children as well. You also see yet another clap worthy performance from Anant Nag. This entire credits, i will allow to Rishab Shetty as he has put his heart and soul in extracting those performances and for a fantastic execution as well.

The camera work, music and production values are very good.

I will surely recommend this film because this film has every thing despite not being a total commercial film. Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu is a sweet film which talks about Language, Man-Made barriers, Emotions, Love and finally it talks about Education and the love for it.

There are very few films that are made which teaches us something. Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu is one such film which educates us. Go watch this film!