When the trailer of Sankashta Kara Ganapathi arrived, i was sure the makers were about to explore something different yet funny. The film deals with Alien Hand Syndrome which may go very rare with namma Sandalwood cine goers.

But still, Sankashta Kara Ganapathi stands out in it’s own. Especially with the new way of story-telling. You may google up Alien Hand Syndrome for more information.

Many tried to resemble the film with another Tamil film which got released in 2017 with the similar theme title Peechaankai. Well, Peechaankai had similar theme but a different tale to tell.

Sankashta Kara Ganapathi also comes with it’s own lines of flaws especially when you are expecting a ‘Knock-Out’ climax.

Sankashta Kara Ganapathi Poster

Ganapathi (Likith Shetty) is a cartoonist, who is still in love with his college sweetheart Shruti (Shruti Garodia) years after they passed out. When they end up being colleagues, he wants to propose his love to her. But all hell break loose when Ganapathi realizes that he has Alien Hand Syndrome and his hand is not in control of him and is about to create a Havoc.

Performance wise, Likith Shetty is terriffic and also Shruti Garodia who looks marvelous. Nagabhushan as Likith’s friend is tremendous along with the other cast.

Director Arjun Kumar S shows his full honesty and efforts in making Sankashta Kara Ganapathi and it literally shows on the screen. The camera work, music, production values adds up.

The only flaw in Sankashta Kara Ganapathi is it’s second half which is more on the emotional note and might turn as a let-down for few. The second half is also more on the draggy side. Especially when i talk about the climax, you will surely have the feeling that writers were in a small hurry to wrap the film up.

However, Sankashta Kara Ganapathi is not at all a bad watch.

I would recommend Sankashta Kara Ganapathi for the people who are looking for a different type of Comedy and the film will not disappoint you.