To start with, 2nd Half has an amazing concept and you cannot deny that. But what makes the movie excels more is Priyanka Upendrs’s terrific performance! Priyanka does exactly what Meryl Streep would have done back in Hollywood.

No one.. I repeat No one would have the guts to take on the role of Police constable Anuradha. But Priyanka Upendra fearlessly took up this role and lived it to a core that when you see her on the Screen, you will fall in love with her character. If Priyanka had did this in Hollywood, she would surely won an Oscar nomination.

The story of the film is simple but yet not simple. The film talks about Police Constable Anuradha (Priyanka Upendra) whose job is to watch CCTV camera in the Police Department. She spots a girl on her Surveillance one day and gets attracted to the girl’s nature and life style. The girl is an Artist. Anuradha also sees there is a Boy who is very much fond of the girl.

And then.. Suddenly the Girl goes missing!

We have earlier witnessed so many films that talks about women empowerment. 2nd Half also blows this angle, but in a totally fresh new way.

Performance wise, The film all the way belongs to Priyanka Upendra (As i have mentioned this earlier as well). Priyanka has lived the character and the amount of hard work she has thrown in the film, one can easily spot that. Niranjan is another lovely talent from the house of Upendra and Priyanka Upendra’s family. Niranjan will surely go a long way with a bright future. Surabhi Santhosh is also a terrific performer you cannot miss. Rest of the other actors does full justice to their respective parts.

Yogi Devagange has made a good film with his heart and one can feel this while watching 2nd Half. The film and the narrative is dragging at few points. But as i said earlier, one has to understand the intention of a film maker behind telling a particular story.

I will highly recommend 2nd Half for it’s brilliant concept and especially for Priyanka Upendra’s performance as she takes Acting on a total new level. Do watch 2nd Half for a honest story which has been told very honestly on the screen.