Here’s another wonderful effort from debutante Director Manohar which tells multiple stories in one film. Prayanikara Gamanakke means Kindly Attention Passengers! A title which is a major attraction.

Prayanikara Gamanakke tells the story about a Bus, Bus Driver, Conductor, Passengers with their back-stories and Hijacker!

Shankara, the bus driver along with his conductor Dharma are on their way to Hyderabad.  They stop at a different location to pick-up their travelers who want to travel to Hyderabad for a new beginning. On their way, the bus gets hijacked. A Police Officer gets involved to know the reason and solve the Puzzle.

Performance wise, every actor from Bharat Sarja to Deepak Shetty are amazing and have performed their part very well.

Prayanikara Gamanakke Film Poster

Director Manohar has very well written the whole subject with maturity and handled the direction department as a pure professional. The camera work and music is good along with the decent production value.

However, the only issue is with the little dragging first half where some unnecessary comedy was thrown between the couple and the conductor. The moment the businessman enters the bus and the Interval block is shown, the film takes a wonderful turn with fast paced momentum.

Prayanikara Gamanakke is a film which you can feel good and thrilled with the edge of the seat entertainment. This film will not disappoint you as an entertaining thriller. I will recommend this film to all the people who enjoys a thrill ride!