When you see a film’s trailer where you notice National awardee Sanchari Vijay doing the cutest and funniest things, you have to watch that movie for sure! Padarasa not at all disappoints you but it makes your time fly away with entertainment value.

The film Padarasa revolves around two friends who live their life lavishly. The two friends cheat a lot of people to earn money and end up spending it all on alcohol and other luxuries. But someone out there is about to take a revenge!

Again, i will surely not destroy by giving away more about Padarasa and would urge you to watch the film to know more.

There are lots of other layers attached to the film and goes smoothly with few bumpy rides.

Sanchari Vijay rocks in the whole film with his terrific performance. Vaishnavi Menon is cute and charming at the same time. The other actors are also tremendous with their respective parts. Special mention to Niranjan Deshpande who has enacted his role wonderfully.

Director Hrishikesh Jambagi has came up with a lovely concept and he has executed this concept as a film maker brilliantly. The camera work, production-value and music are good.

Padarasa is surely a film which is high on entertainment and it won’t disappoint you. Go watch the film and get enjoyed because Padarasa is worth all your money.