I am sure you have had seen many films in past which connects Friendship and Road-Trip blending together. Onthara Bannagalu is yet again refreshing film on Friendship, Emotions and a Road-Trip

Three friends, Jai, Shree and Ram lead irritating lives filled with the pressures faced by most youngsters. They plan and embark on a road trip where they meet up with two other youngsters Hitha and Janaki. In this ‘Seems-like-perfect trip’, with each one of them trying to escape the routine and finding their real inside souls. There is something awaits for them.

Onthara Bannagalu has some amazing performances by all the actors especially Sonu Gowda, Kiran Srinivas, Hita Chandrasekhar, Pratap Narayan. Other supporting cast that includes good names, also performed very well with their bits.

Director Sunil Bhimrao does full justice to his Film making by extracting right scenes on the right time. He also finds himself successful in getting the right performances from all the actors involved. The film does have some dragging moments, but to be precise, you can let them go when you are totally into the film’s narration.

The camera work must be specially mentioned here as the Cinematographer Manohar Joshi has done a terrific job of making the film look in a beautiful way. The music by Bharath BJ is again an add on.

If you are looking for a fresh take on Life with Friendship and a lovely Road-Trip, i will surely recommend you Onthara Bannagalu for sure. Give this film a watch and it will not disappoint you for sure!