It is really very shocking to see namma Sandalwood Film makers still try out on the subject like MMCH, or Premigalige MMCH, whatever you call it.

There are so many films tried and tested in other languages. A group of friends getting trapped in an unwanted situation and a messiah emerges and tries to bail them out.

MMCH also has a similar story to tell. Here there are four girls Megha, Mala, Chaya and Harshita from different parts of Karnataka land in Bengaluru for their further studies. It is cliche that they join the same college and more cliche when they share the same room. One of the girl falls in love with a wrong guy and things go awfully wrong.

And then happens the extreme cliche part.. Despite suspension, police officer Jhansi Rani is re-invited by the Police Department to solve the murder case.

Mussanje Mahesh sir really? Do you really want us to digest this MMCH? Have a heart and have little mercy on us sir! The 100 rupees that we pay to watch your film is our hard earned money sir.

Performance wise, Ragini Dwivedi, Prathama Prasad, Meghana Raj, Deepthi and Samyukta Harnod are top notch! Trust me, only their performances are the high point of this film which will keep you on hold through this entire dull ride of MMCH.

The Direction, Cinematography, Music all are avoidable. The film is said to be an adaptation of a true story which took place back in 1980s.

My special advice for you all who are reading this, kindly skip this True Story of MMCH.