Sameera a is muslim boy and he is in search for his best friend Bhanu, a Cow. Do i need to tell you more why Ondalla Eradalla is the right film at the right time? There are so many other reason why i write this review to report why is this film so special.

After Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu, Ondella Eradalla is second children’s film released this week. One film tackled a subject of Education, while other tackles the subject which resorts all the problems one should never face.

Exactly like D Satya Prakash’s debut film Rama Rama Re, Ondalla Eradalla unfolds mostly on the streets.

D Satya Prakash fills the subject with all the subplots and those subplots are related in such a manner that they hit you real hard. Every subplot, i repeat, every subplot has it’s meaning to it’s own. Be it kidnapping, ransom or cow exchange!

There are terrific performances from every actor (In the form of weird/normal characters) that appears on the screen. Rohith, who plays Sameera is just out-standing and you have to see the film to believe.

Films such as Ondalla Eradalla are not made easily. They require a tough hard-work. They require a heavy pressure. I can assume D Satya Prakash going through all the mentioned phase. Special mention and applauds to the Producer who backed Ondalla Eradalla!

Ondalla Eradalla does takes you on to a Journey which you cannot forget. A Journey which you will surely don’t want to forget. After Rama Rama Re, this one is another masterpiece from the Director D Satya Prakash.

Highly.. And seriously Highly Recommended!