Let me start this one by saying, first she will trace you.. She will track you.. She will manipulate you.. By the time you realize her game, she will tie you up and Torture you! That is Maggi.. Oops Megha!

I would also like to add a spoiler here, director Vishal Puttana goes extremely Hollywood’ish way here to narrate you Megha Alias Maggi. The story and screenplay requires loads of attention from you. But once you are attentive while watching the film, Megha Alias Maggi will grow on you as a slow poison.

Sagar (Tej Gowda) and Tanu (Neetu Bala) are newly married and have to deal with more than what they asked for in their married life. For the simple reason because Megha alias Maggi (Sukrutha Wagle) wants something from them both!

I will shamelessly stop the synopsis of the film here itself because to add further will give many hints away.

Performance wise Tej Gowda and Neetu Bala are just fantastic in the film. But who grabs the cake and walks away is Sukrutha Wagle. You literally need balls to play the role of Megha and Maggi as an actor and Sukrutha does full justice to the Part with finesse and zenith of her performance. If this was Hollywood, Sukrutha would have been an Oscar contender for her performance.

Director Vishal Puttana has made a difficult subject into an entertaining dark thriller. Yes, the film comes with it’s flaws but one cannot deny the fact about Megha Alias Maggi being a new and a fresh concept. The cinematography Sye Arun Kumar is just outstanding. However the film has a weak music though.

Kannada Audience is very sharp and smart. They have always appreciated fresh attempts and this film needs a heavy word of mouth publicity.

But i assure you the minute you are into the shoes of Vishal Puttana’s screenplay, you will enjoy Megha Alias Maggi to the core.

Do give this film a chance and it will surely won’t disappoint you!