Yes, Life Jothe Ondu Selfie is another film about Love, Emotions, Friendship and Quarrels! Sometimes, it is very necessary to watch such films and thanks to namma Sandalwood makers who brings such films time and again!

The film tells the story of three friends Nakul, Virat and Rashmi. They land up in Goa and experiences their lives turning into bumpy and breezy ride. All three of them have thier own set of Trouble Baggage, and how they cope-up with their Baggage, is something to look for.

There is one more character of Virat’s mother, Tulasi. She too has her own track of suppression and she tries to fight it with her own set of answers.

Yes, the film has some wonderful performances from Prem Kumar, Hariprriya and Prajwal Devaraj. Special mention to Sudharani who shines on the screen whenever she is there. Other actors too have lovely performances.

The camera work, production value and music is wonderful and flows lovely with the screenplay. The film does have it’s draggy portions but at the end, they are well explained.

Director Dinakar Thoogudeepa has done full justice to the story which is penned by Manasa Dinakar (His wife) and as a maker he does a commendable job by bring a fresh yet realitic take on Life.

Do watch Life Jothe Ondu Selfie and cherish the Love and Emotions through Friendship!