The film Kumari 21F is basically a much awaited film for the simple reason because the charming Pranam Devaraj makes his debut. It is also an awaited film because the original-telugu movie (By the same name) was a money spinner.

Let me be a spoiler here by informing you that the original Telugu version was very much bold (If you have seen). This is a typical Kannada Version keeping Kannadigas in mind. Most of the film has been toned down keeping Kannada Sentiments in mind (The director Sriman Vemula already agreeing this fact in his interviews).

Kumari 21F is about Siddu (Pranam Devaraj) who is a young chef but having big dreams. He falls in love with the new girl in his colony Kumari (Nidhi Kushalappa). His three friends poison his mind with doubts about his Kumari’s past and her earlier affairs with boys. Does he get influenced or does his love for Kumari stay hard and sound is the rest of the film.

We see some amazing performance from debutante Pranam Devaraj, and why not? Acting runs in his blood. Pranam looks confident in every scene he enacts. Nidhi is just awesome as Kumari. And her expressions blow you away completely. Other actors including Avinash has performed their part very well.

Sriman Vemula shows that he is a wonderful director with the complete command over the script. The camera work, music and production values are very good and again, Sriman scores well as a Director in these parts as well.

The Editing demanded some tight cuts as i found the film to be little longer.

But all said and done, Kumari 21 F is not at all a bad film.

If you have not seen the original Telugu version, i would suggest to surely give this film a watch as Kumari 21 F Kannada Version is not a disappointment.