Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti – KOO is released this week along with other seven films which got released and to start with, KOO is one cute and funny joyride.

The film tells the tale of two friends ( Shatamarshan Avinash and Chikkanna) who go for a night drive in a car (PS: The car is also an important character in the film). Avinash starts his story that how he was ditched by Krishi Thapanda and Chikkanna has his own tale to tell.

But the film is not only about these two narratives. The film cutely makes lots of twist and turns along with the proceedings which we would request you to watch.

Performance wise, Chikkanna steals the show along with Krishi Thapanda who is just mind blowing with her performance. Shatmarshan Avinash is also good and amazing at the same time along with the rest of the actors.

Director Kushal Gowda makes an impressive film from his heart and it shows on the screen. The Production Value and Cinematography adds up the points and scores. Background Music and Songs are good.

However, the flip side of the film is there are some scenes in the first half and second half which were little dragging. Especially the romantic angle part between Shatmarshan Avinash and Krishi Thapanda.

But all said and done, Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti is an honest comedy and romantic hell ride which will throughout make you laugh and feel good.

For a change, such films are a must! Do dial this number and keep enjoying.