This week release also includes Bombay Mittai director Chandra Mohan’s slapstick comedy Double Engine which is not only an entertainer but also provides you relief factor!

The film took little long in the making and finding it’s Distribution. All thanks to the heavy releases that namma Sandalwood is looking at nowadays. Finally, Double Engine was released this week.

The film tells a tale of three friends, Ashok (Ashok), Sunila (Chikkanna) and Krishna (Prabhu Mundkar). Desperate to make fast money they all end up leaving their village to settle in Bengaluru. Suma (Suman Ranganathan) is a widow who runs a chit fund and later joins the three!

And now all four of them has one mission; to make fast money as soon as possible and the problems which they encounter during this process forms the rest of the tale.

Performance wise, from Chikkanna to Suman Ranganathan, every one are just fantastic in their respective parts. Even Priyanka Malnad is very good in her role. Dattanna, Sadhu Kokila, Shobaraj are terrific in whatever parts they enact.

The camera work and music is okay. However the second half looks a bit lengthy, but director Chandra Mohan knows very well to draw his lines at which part and how.

As a Film maker, Chandra Mohan stands out in giving a perfect slapstick comedy entertainer which was really needed.

I will surely recommend the film to everyone and especially to those who needs a break from all those Horrors and Thrillers coming up nowadays.

Double Engine will surely entertain you as well as it will give you a relief which is full of fun and joyride. Go watch Double Engine.