Earlier there had been lots of efforts with multiple stories in one film. Ayyo Rama is another such effort. Here also there are multiple stories with one crux and that is Money. Director R Vinoda Kumar is very clear with his idea how money makes the world go nuts!

Sreekantha is an auto driver who wants to settle in Mumbai with his love Aishwarya and he desperately needs Money! Constable Chandrasekhar has his ill daughter and for operation he needs Money! A Doctor who does illegal organ transplant and he is blackmailed by a blackmailer, and to pay that blackmailer, he needs Money!

How the auto driver, constable and doctor tries to solve their problems is the rest of the narrative.

The film lies heavily on the performances and all the Actors have done their respective job of their characters well.

Ayyo Rama Film Poster

Apart from the performances, the film is totally the Director’s film. R Vinoda Kumar does his job well as a Film maker. He tries to make a simple honest film with a linear thriller narrative and to an extent, he succeeds.

The Production Value are however shows little low budget quality, but the camera work saves it. The music is just okay and the Editing part could have been a little better. There are few draggy scenes in the film which tries and break the narrative at times.

Ayyo Rama is not at all a boring film and you can surely watch it if you are looking for a meaningful twist and turn entertaining thriller. Do give this film a try!