Ayogya is one such film which was promoted very heavily all over Karnataka. And from the trailer and songs itself, one could easily make out Ayogya will turn out to be a commercial entertainer.

Yes! The film Ayogya does lives up to all the expectation one can have while watching an entertainment film!

The story goes as a very simple format where Siddegowda (Sathish Ninasam) who is a village youngster decides to go up against the dreaded Bacchegowda (P Ravishankar) who is the root cause behind all the problems in his village.

Siddegowda also has issues in finding the right girl with whom he can get married and spend his life happily. He does find that right girl in Nandini (Rachita Ram). To create more problems, Siddegowda’s life goes into turmoil when his love life with Nandini takes its toll.

As i pointed out earlier, Ayogya has all the elements of a pure commercial elements and gives exactly what the viewer is looking for in the Cinema Hall. The film also talks about unemployment in a very subtle way.

Performance wise, Sathish Ninasam steals the show and he is terrific. Rachita Ram is cute as always and performs her part in a lovely way. Sadhu Kokila and Tabla Nani are terrific equally. Ravishankar kills it as Bacchegowda. Other actors too provide a good support.

S Mahesh Kumar as a Film maker does his job very well as he was sure that he was making a film that should get maximum whistles and claps. The camera work, production values and music by Arjun Janya are excellent. However, there are few unwanted scenes in the film which could have been easily avoided.

But all said and done, Ayogya is a film which can be touted as a complete entertainer and it gives away everything what a pure masala cine-goer is looking for.