Before starting to review Asathoma Sadgamaya, i would like to Thank the director Rajesh Venoor for giving us a film which was desperately needed in today’s time. Especially after watching all those Horrors, Thrillers, Crime!

The film tells the story of Raghava (Kiran Raj), who belongs to a village in Mandya and aspires to go to the America in search of a better life. But his father wants him to take up agriculture and serve the village. The film also tells the story of Sandhya (Lasya Nagaraj who also seeks to settle down in the America and with whom, Raghava is in love with. Both Raghava and Sandhya run away from home.

Asathoma Sadgamaya also tells the story of Sherlin (Radhika Chetan) a Kannadiga girl brought up in Finland and arrives to Mandya in search of her roots.

And then all their three lives collides with each other and the film begins and ends on a note which will make you think hard.

If i start talking about performances, all the actors have performed their part very well. Be it Kiran Raj, Radhika Chetan or Lasya Nagaraj, all of them have lived their part very well. Radhika Chetan is awesome in her part. Special mention to Lasya Nagaraj because many people thought might not be a good performer, but surprisingly, Lasya is terrific.

The Background score, cinematography, production value are very good.

Rajesh Venoor has made a fantastic film from his heart. Asathoma Sadgamaya is an honest effort which shouldn’t go wasted in such a huge film flow this week. I wish the maker had chosen another date.

Please do go to the Cinema Halls to watch this beautiful tale of Love, Values and Emotions. Don’t let this film go away just like that. This film deserves your attention.