What would be your reaction when you come to know about a huge amount of money that was apparently given to Veerappan to free (Legend) Dr Rajkumar that was never recovered and remains in the forest.

Aranyakanda talks about that same money and it’s hunt in the forest by a small time crook and his gang. Raghunandana S writes and directs this Jungle Thriller with this unique story-line.

Amar, a crook makes a Gang and he goes out for a Treasure Hunt in the Jungle. To accompany him, there is a Journalist as well. The film talks about Greed, Wealth and the Problem which arises. And when the film reaches it’s finale, it comes up with a strong message that hits you hard!

Performance wise, most of the Actors including Amar Gowda and Archana Kottige are good and there are some Actors who were new with amateurish performance.

Technically the director Raghunandan S does a decent job as a Director and Writer.

The film has been shot interestingly in good locations and the Cinematographer does a good job here. The only issue one has when leaving the cinema hall is that the film could have been treated in a far technically-Strong way to get the perfect impact that the twist at the climax has. Instead, you witness a rather boring unfolding of a screenplay that goes on.

Also, Editing wise, the duration of the film could have been easily trimmed instead of a draggy screenplay. And that too in the second half!

However, i will conclude, Aranyakanda is definitely not a waste of your time and it turns out to be an interesting watch.

I will appreciate the film maker’s effort and honesty that at least he tried to bring a fresh concept in the form of a Thriller. Yes, Aranyakanda will surely not disappoint you.