There are several reasons why i am reviewing Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala. Since our News Portal is only dedicated to Kannada Cinema and talks about Sandalwood, Rajinikanth also belongs to Karnataka! The film Kaala also has it’s share of controversies where the Single Screens all over Karnataka refused to play the film because of the on going Cauvery issue.

Despite being a Rajinikanth film, Kaala failed to open to full houses like a typical Rajinikanth film! Like everyone else, i am a (Proud) Rajinikanth fan too. All these reasons made curious enough to review the film.

I would like to clear this being not only a Film Review, but an analyzer of why Rajinikanth Magic is not working since Kochadaiiyaan (2014). Where exactly the things are going wrong?

Well, if we talk about the story of Kaala then i must say the film does not have one. Still if you want me to write and waste this space then here it goes: Kaala (Rajinikanth) is settled in Mumbai’s biggest slum area called Dharavi. There are people including Haridas (Nana Patekar) who wants to finish Kaala and grab Dharavi in the process of making Digital and Clean India!

While watching Kaala, you will feel a certain Magic! The Magic is, Kaala takes you back exactly in 1980s kind of Film making. No! The film is set in 2018.. I swear! They use Cell Phones.. There are some bunch of funny Rap Singers in Dharavi slum who sings a Rap song in every situation (Even when Kaala’s son and wife dies) and so on! But the film is so out dated that it gives you a ‘Magical’ feeling of 1980s B Grade action Dacoit films. The only difference is, Kaala travels in a New-Gen Mahindra Jeep instead of Horses!

I had read few Critics raving about the scene where Kaala meets up with his Ex-Lover Zarina (Huma Qureshi). You really want to know my thoughts on those scenes? I felt like a Father is meeting up with her Daughter and any minute he will ask her when is she planning to make him Grandpa!

To cut the Kaala’s story short; this is not “My” Thalaivar’s film! (Just like Kabali) This film can be easily made with Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Nasser, Prakash Raj, Anant Nag or anyone playing Kaala.

And now the crucial part! The part which we all should think about! What exactly is going wrong with our thalaivar Rajinikanth? Choice of Films? Choice of Directors? Over confidence in his stardom? Wrong PR machinery?

If we go back in Baasha, Annamalai, Muthu, Padaiyappa, Chandramukhi days, Rajinikanth was a media shy superstar who literally used to avoid media conferences. Today we see Rajinikanth everywhere. In those days, a Rajinikanth film used to come in every 3 years (Kindly do a search). And today (Especially from 2014) we see every year one Rajinikanth film (Over dose of the Superstar?) Kochadaiiyaan, Lingaa, Kabali and now Kaala.

The film opened to a very cold response making some 13 Crores on first day all over India! There are very less chances of this film picking up because of being a Bad film and a tough competition ahead. If tomorrow the makers show a false collections to make this film a Hit (Just like how Kalaipulli S Thanu did at the time of Kabali), that’s a different debate altogether.

Me as a hardcore Rajinikanth fan, i don’t want to see what he goes and do in Malaysia (Kabali) or what he tries to reform in a slum of Mumbai (Kaala). I want to see what Rajinikanth as a common Thamizan do for Tamilnadu! Like he has always shown me in his earlier Blockbusters.

Dear Kochadaiiyaan, Lingaa, Kabali and Kaala makers! What have you learnt so far being a Rajinikanth fan? It is not at all my duty to make you realize this. No, i am also not interested in teaching you how to make a film! You are better people to do that. I am just trying to teach you what a “Rajinikanth Fan” wants from a Rajinikanth film.

Thalaivar!!! They will make your Game Over! (Please be careful “Sir”)

Also Thalaivar Sir! Karnataka is in your blood too! You were born here! Please generate love from this soil instead of Hate. This used to be your playground right? You laughed and cried here as well.

It is also reported that Kaala made a pre-business of 220 Crores before the release. I have two worries before i end this review. My first worry is how Mr Dhanush will repay the Distributors of Kaala? And my second worry is for the maverick Film Maker Shankar’s 2.0! My best wishes and prayers are with 2.0 Team!

I am not a Rajinikanth Hater! Not even in my wildest dreams i could be. I am just a heart-broken Rajinikanth die hard Fan!

If you think i am 1% right in whatever i have written above! Kindly share this Review so much that it reaches my Thalaivar and the makers so that they don’t take a Rajinikanth Fan for a ride in near future.

Long Live Thalaiva!

PS: By the way, if you are surrounded by Goons who has Swords and Knives.. And if you are a Rajinikanth Fan, you can easily fight those goons with an Umbrella!