Imagine this: You are a police officer. And you are suspended because you just lost your Gun. And your Gun is found by a hardcore criminal! What would be your situation?

This is what exactly 8mm Bullet narrates. The film’s story is about Karthik (Vasishta N Simha) who loses his Gun and is supended from his duty as a Police Office. On the other side Moorthy (Jaggesh) is a hardcore criminal who buys that Gun.

The cat and mouse chase in the film is so tight that it keeps you engrossed right till the climax.

Performance wise, Jaggesh and Vasishta N Simha steals the show and walks away with the applauds. The maker has tried to flip the parts in an unusual way. We saw navarasa nayaka Jaggesh entertaining us with his films, this time he wears the coat of a Villain. We saw Vasishta N Simha playing darker roles, this time he is a Protagonist. And this is where director Harikrishna S stands out as a winner!

Jaggesh performs like a Legend, and there is no doubt about that. Thank you Jaggesh sir for taking up this role where many of the senior actor would have hesitated.

Vasishta N Simha is another terrific gem who performs his part amazingly.

Other actors including Rockline Venkatesh stands equally good with their respective parts. The camera work, production value and music gels with the screenplay. However, the songs and some action part becomes little draggy in otherwise a wonderful noir thriller.

Do yourself a favor and watch 8mm Bullet as the film hits you hard and never goes away from your mind. Watch 8mm Bullet to see our Rock star Jaggesh in his never before performance!