When i say the film 6ne Maili is a Sugar-Coated thrill ride, it means the film doesn’t play with your mind that much and takes you straight to the point. Which is, actually a good sign to watch such films.

With a huge flow of seven films released this week, 6ne Maili is also one of those seven films.

6ne Maili tells you the story of trekking and how a group of trekkers sets out to a remote forest region in the Dakshina Kannada district (Karnataka). Along the way, however, they disappear without a trace. The film goes back in time to a previous group of trekkers disappearing in exactly the same way.

The film interestingly takes us inside all the characters and makes us keep guessing about each ones motive. The narrative immensely takes care of explanation to why and how certain characters do the things they do in the film.

Performance wise, Sanchari Vijay is very good as Inspector Arjun and he performs his part very maturely. RJ Nethra too performs well in her part along with other set of good actors in the film.

The only problem that i found out in the film is it’s second half which was a bit lengthy. Too much of explanation was thrown in which were more on the dull side.

But that doesn’t at all means See Ni is not a good Film maker! See Ni has a sense of coming up with an interesting thriller and he has.

I will surely recommend 6ne Maili for this week’s watch as the film has an engaging plot to hold you on till the last reels. Do give the film a try as it will not disappoint you.