Mataash Review can just be a one liner which will say the film is about demonetization and a Comedy!

But since i have seen the film spending my hard earned money to Review it, i will have to review it.

Mataash has multiple sub-plots attached to it as far as the story of the film is concerned.

The legend ‘Demonetization’ is announced and there are sets of characters who wants to make a full use of it. And that is where the director fails miserably.

Because at the time of demonetization, even the biggest gang-lords and gangsters were pretty confused in the initial days.

The film’s story begins in those initial days.

A small timer gang who wants to earn big falls on a bag full of old notes, a gang of corporate who wants to exchange black money, a gang who is on a holiday, some girls to incorporate the glamour value.

Till now, if you are not confuse enough, there are also some dragging moments to make your journey longer.

Performance wise, every actor tries to act. I repeat, Tries! And technically, the film is even more confuse.

There are umpteen number of films that spoke about demonetization. Skip this one for sure. It is still very hard to believe SD Arvinda made this film who had made The Last Bus.