Looty Review in one word can be,  it’s surely not a bad film to start with. The film takes a start with a Bank Robbery and ends up being a thrill ride.

There is a Bank Robbery that takes place in Hyderabad by a group of friends.

Somehow, the Bag reaches in the hands of a woman Rag Picker. There is another small time group who has the information about the Bag and they intend to get it.

Police officer Durga Bhavani enters the scene and launches an operation.

Performance wise, Isha Koppikar truly steals the show with her performance. Other actors too performs very good considering their parts in the film.

Director Girish Kamplapur does a fair job as a director by execution of the scenes and sticking towards the plot.

The camera work, production values are good. There are few draggy moments in the film.

The music is also on the dull side.

As i wrote in the beginning, Looty is not at all a bad film. You can surely give this film a try for an entertaining Fun and Thrill ride!