To be very honest about KGF Chapter 1 Movie Review i must admit, if you analyze the movie as a Kannada Film, you are watching the best. But the minute you start comparing this with other Indian Films (Especially Baahubali), you will be disappointed.

KGF tells the story of an orphan who grows up to become a Don and a messiah later, but unfortunately, the film gives you loads of other movie’s replica in your brains. Deewar (Hindi), Agneepath (Hindi) and Chhatrapathi (Telugu) to name a few.

The film’s story is about Ramakrishna (Yash) which is narrated by a Journalist (Ananth Nag). Ramakrishna goes to Bombay from Bangalore and polishes shoes to earn a living. How he becomes Don Rocky and then takes on the 20,000 empowered slaves of Kolar Gold Fields, forms the the Chapter 1.

The story of KGF is not an extra-ordinary one. But the execution deserves applaud especially the noteworthy cinematography and action sequences.

Performance wise, Yash is very good and Srinidhi Shetty is amazing. Other actors including Vasishta Simha are fantastic in their parts. Ananth Nag acts like a Legend.

Prashanth Neel tries hard and real hard to create Baahubali, but ends up showing Ugaramm. The Editing is not tight at all. The film has a ‘Too Long’ duration for the first part along with some draggy moments.

My final conclusion; KGF Chapter 1 is a good film, and that is all! I cannot call it extra-ordinary. For Karnataka, this might be a Gold Mine. For the rest of the world, well, they have already seen similar films like KGF in the past.

For Karnataka, the Chapter 2 of KGF might be the most awaited and anticipated. For the rest of the world, i don’t think so.