Karshanam was the film i really wanted to review first today. But unfortunately, i saw the film for evening show and i failed to take it as my first review.

Karshanam is another easiest example about how bad one can make a film! Especially with the performance of ‘Uncle’ Dhananjay Atre. I am still trying to analyze which source asked Dhananjay Atre to become a leading face!

Shankar (The one and only ‘Oscar’ contender Dhananjay Atre) is a Youth? Man? Uncle? (Whatever) lives in slum with big dreams. Another track is a series of Murders which haunts the city.

How Shankar is connected with the series of Murders, forms the crux of the film.

I very well know, you all are least interested in the story-line, but more interested in what actually the film has to offer? Well, nothing at all.

I will not say Sharavana V has made a bad film! But the actor Dhananjay Atre (Famous for his Serial long back) literally is not a leading ‘Hero’ material. And he is a major draw back.

When you see his looks in the film, you are damn sure, he didn’t had his bath for years. On top of everything, he has a cute tummy, which he hides by controlling his breath (Which i noticed).

The film has it’s pace and some good scenes. But again, they are ruined by our superstar Uncle DJ (That is what the Production Banner name of Dhananjay Atre).

The actress Anusha Rai is good and she performs well. Full marks to Yamuna Shrinidhi for her terrific performance! The Production Values shows the Low Budget, Bad Music, Good Camera Work.

To end my review, even if i do not recommend you Karshanam, i am very much sure, you will not watch it.