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Not only watching, but writing Girgitle Movie Review is also considered as a Torture for me! Why? Because i had to watch this film, understand it and later review it.

Ravi Kiran who is a director of this film took a very long period in making this Torture! Hats off to him, why? Because he thought he was making another KGF for Kannada Cinema?

I would like to understand what convinced this Film maker to make this film?

Three youngsters coming to Bengaluru to make it big! How many times do we have to see the same old story-line? Aren’t the makers tired of it?

If i talk about the performances, you have every good actor acting very badly in this one. I guess, they were tired of thinking when this film would end?

The camera work, production values and music too are terrifically bad. There’s a jarring lackĀ  of continuity in almost every scene.

Why was this film made? Who makes such films? After making them, why are they served to us in the name of ‘Cinema’? These are few regular questions that were raping my mind after the Girgitle ended.

My last words; you might save yourselves from Tsunami, but you will be considered as a real fighter, if you are able to save yourself from watching Girgitle.