Gahana Movie Review is only for those who are fed up of their existence. Those who are fed up of their lives and surroundings, may go and buy the ticket of Gahana. The film Rapes you like The Entity.

It is yet to be researched, why Kannada Film Makers are still opting for such subjects. And they expect support from people and media?

Nation wants to know what was running in the mind of writer-director Preith Hassan when he was making Gahana? Was he thinking, Gahana would be another KGF?

A girl who starts hearing dead people’s voice and suddenly the film becomes a Murder-Thriller? Seriously? And you wanted us to get scared by this film?

Preith Hassan deserves the Oscar! Not for making this film, but making immensely bad Horror-Thriller with stupid actors performing in it.

Now, my most controversial question! What is an invisible Rape?

No, it’s not our Kannadiga Singers trying out Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy rap song in their own style! The invisible rape is buying the tickets of Gahana and experiencing it on a big screen.

Gahana will haunt you even when you have left the Cinema Halls. And when you go back home and sleep, it will Rape you in your dreams.