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While reading Face 2 Face Review you must be assured that this particular film is filled with lots of twists and turns. Despite being a love story, the film follows a pattern of a unique narrative which you might have seen in an Upendra’s film.

Why? Because Face 2 Face is directed by Sandeep Janardhan who was an erstwhile associate of Upendra.

Face 2 Face tells the story about Santhosh who lives in Chikmagalur and he has two girls in his life, Preethi and Sneha. The narrative goes in the details and connection of Santhosh with these two girls and answers, who actually Santhosh loves and why?

Till the first half, Face 2 Face narration goes like a simple love story. The narrative pattern gets different, once you witness the second half.

For few, the screenplay might be confusing at one point of time. But the climax of the film clears it on the whole.

Performances of all the actors are good along with the director’s command over the writing. The camera work, production values and music is good as well.

The film does has it’s draggy moments in the first hour, especially the character introductions which took a while.

But as you dwell into the film on the later part, it keeps you hooked right till the climax.

You may surely give Face 2 Face a watch if you are looking for something refreshing.