Why am i using the word ‘Gutless’ to write Chambal Movie Review has some simple answers! Because (Indirectly), the makers promoted this film as DK Ravi’s story?

If you forget the whole DK Ravi’s incident and watch Chambal, i assure you this would just be an ordinary film which has an upright IAS Officer who takes a stand against ill.

Chambal has everything which a messiah film needs. An IAS officer who takes a stand against corrupted nexus, his supporters, his enemies and the ‘Garland Dance’!?!

The thing Chambal did not had was the ‘Guts’ or you may say, the ‘Balls’. If i say it more decently, Chambal did not had the ‘Courage’.

The film did had some strong performances in which Sathish Ninasam nails it. Sonu Gowda, Roger Narayan, Achyuth Kumar acts amazingly.

But however, this Jacob Verghese film is a very scared one! Scared one? It’s scared to take actual names, incidents and rely more on fake dramatization.

My question and curiosity is; if the makers were so scared, why make a ‘Hidden’ film? Why not go to the actual people (Deceased parents, co-workers, friends), take a proper permission and show the reality? Scared again?

Why create a PR Machinery and spread news about this film’s resemblance with the actual person? And why was the ‘Garland Dance’ highlighted?

Many Media and Industry professionals may rave about this film and performance. The Marketing and Promotional company behind Chambal may share the film’s news on their social media handles. But deep inside their heart, they very well know the reality.

Watch Chambal strictly for the performances! If you think, you are about to watch a true story of an honest IAS officer, kindly skip it.