Bhairava Geetha review can be nothing, but just Blood, Gore and some abusive slang. However, the director of the film seems so heavily inspired by Ram Gopal Verma takings, that it looks as if you are watching yet another RGV flick.

The film tells the story about Bhairava who is a henchman. He falls in love and becomes a rebel against all the biggies.

Well, the story of the film has nothing unique to offer in terms of content. But the film does gives you loads of Gore and Violence.

Till the Interval, Bhairava Geetha tries hard to be Raw and Intense, but fails miserably. And the second hour of the film goes with Harsh Language and Blood.

Performance wise, Dhananjay is good and Irra Mor seriously needs some acting school. Rest of the other performers were strictly alright.

Technically speaking (Very frankly), Bhairava Geetha does not looks like a Kannada Film if you see it closely. It looks more like a Telugu Dubbed film in some scenes.

There were people in Cinema Halls who whispered “Since RGV is not entertained in Bollywood and Telugu anymore, he is trying very hard to get himself famous in Kannada Cinema”. Well, i really cannot comment on that for sure.

I seriously don’t think Bhairava Geetha has any scope of a good future in Kannada Language despite of good hype. Only watch the film if you are a fan of Violence.