While watching Bazaar and writing Bazaar Review i want to make one thing very clear. The magic is not the film here, but the film is a magician’s work. And Simple Suni is the real magician.

The film’s story is very simple. But it’s Suni who tells this story in a very unusual way. Suni’s magic is so strong, that he keeps you hook to every single frame of Bazaar.

Bazaar tells the tale of Pigeon Race. It also tells the story of Kalki and his love towards Parijatha. Bazaar is also the story about how Kalki saves a Pigeon’s life and in return, Kalki’s life becomes a Pigeon’s Race!

Bazaar is also the story of gangsters and their agenda’s which destroys lives.

In short, Bazaar tells you a story which you wanted to hear from a very long time.

Performance wise, Dhanveerrah is just fantastic and he is tomorrow’s star for sure! Again, Suni is the magician here who introduces him. Aditi Prabhudeva shows her charm and innocence. Sharath Lohitashwa is amazing and terrific. Other actors are amazing as well.

Technically, again, Suni’s magic runs everywhere! From camera work, to music, to production values and towering dialogues.. Director Simple Suni is fabulous in getting all the department on the perfect chord.

If you miss Bazaar, you are missing an amazing film which comes once in a while. Make sure you watch this magic, and make sure you watch it on immediate basis!