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Before giving out Anukta Review, i must make sure with you that you have to be a mystery genre fan. Because Anukta the film takes you high on a mysterious ride!

Anukta is not a Horror Film, but it is a film which might creep you in it’s thoughts.

A Political leader is murdered and the killing is blamed on a house which is said to be haunted. Even the people living in the surroundings believes this.

A special police officer Karthik is assigned to solve this crime. And during his investigations, more shocking truth comes on your way.

Performance wise, you have some terrific performances portrayed by Sampath Raj and Sangeetha Bhat. Anu Prabhakar has a small role, but she does full justice to whatever she was given. Other actors too are good with their bits.

Technically, the film stands strong with it’s camera work, music and production values.

Director Ashwath Samuel does a fine job as a maker by extracting a film with a fine screenplay.

The film does have slow and dragging moments in the first half. Especially the romance track between Karthik and his wife Tanvi. It’s only the second half where the film actually gains it’s momentum.

However, Anukta is a very good mystery thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seats and promises a thrill ride. Go for this film!