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Before starting Ananthu V/S Nusrath review it is my duty to clear you, this film does not jumps into religion. Or the trouble what a religion brings in any ways.

The movie is purely about the love of Ananthu (Vinay Rajkumar) towards Nusrath (Latha Hegde).

Ananthu loves Nusrath, but she doesn’t have a clue about it. They both are Law students.

As time passes by, Ananthu becomes a Lawyer and Nusrath is a Judge in city court.

Ananthu and Nusrath comes from orthodox families to be precise, and they both follow different faith.

And there are certain issues which plays a big part in their faith. As soon as Nusrath becomes a Judge, the film becomes a court-room drama filled with lots of dialogues.

However, the pace is not boring, but filled with interesting sub plots.

The film has some mesmerizing performances from all the characters. Vinay Rajkumar is charming with his awesome persona and Latha Hegde steals your heart.

P Ravishankar is also lovely and so is B Suresh. Other actors too are in their respective characters and they go good.

Technically, the film is very good in it’s camera work and production values. The Music of the film is very good including some good tracks which gels with the screenplay.

Sudhir Shanbhog, as a Director excels in bringing out a clean family film.

Ananthu V/S Nusrath is very much recommended for you and your entire family. Please do give this film a try because this film takes you on a lovely journey.