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Ammana Mane review can be written easily by admitting this one to be a finest film from Raghavendra Rajkumar and Nikhil Manjoo.

Let me also assure you, you require some patience to understand the authentic meaning behind making this film.

We all are very much aware the hurdles Raganna went and how his family stood towards him. Ammana Mane is a film which you can very well relate to those hurdles.

The film talks about Rajeeva and women in his life. He is born deform which upsets his father. The father keeps the condition in front of Rajeeva’s mother either to chose him, or his son. The mother chooses Rajeeva.

Rajeeva grows up and becomes a PT Teacher. He is now married and has a daughter. Destiny takes a turn where Rajeeva has to make a choice between his ailing mother and daughter.

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The film is flooded with some terrific performances from Raghavendra Rajkumar as he steals the whole show with his brilliant act. Rohini Nagesh is another mind blower along with Mansi Sudheer. Nikhil Manjoo too does perfect justice to his part.

The film has some less but yet terrific lines. Full credits to the writer on this. The production values and camera work is good.

Ammana Mane may not be a cup of tea for commercial audience. But the film is definitely a cake walk for the viewers who are looking for a meaningful film.

Ammana Mane is slow in it’s explanation. But it is definitely a good film which will make you sit back and think hard. Do watch this film for it’s wonderful effort.